About Us - Robert W. Plaster Foundation

The Robert W. Plaster Foundation's mission is to promote expanded educational opportunities, pride in America, and belief in the free enterprise system, for the benefit of America’s youth through named capital projects. To this end, the Robert W. Plaster Foundation is committed to continuing and expanding the legacy of generosity established during the life of Robert W. Plaster. We stand on four cornerstones that are a part of every project we support:

Promoting Educational Opportunities for Students
Empowering Students for Success
Promoting Free Enterprise
Continuing the Legacy of Robert W. Plaster

The Robert W. Plaster Foundation exists to expand the educational opportunities for students in the Midwest through named capital projects. These grants help provide state-of-the-art facilities to students and faculty that position them to have an effective learning environment. This enables educational institutions to keep their tuition lower for their students. The funding of these capital projects position the Robert W. Plaster Foundation to make sustainable and lasting investments into the future of our nation and promote free enterprise for all.

To find out more about The Robert W. Plaster Foundation, email us at Info@RobertWPlasterFoundation.org or call us at 417-533-3007.